MTT Davisville Half Day Campus-

588 Mount Pleasant Rd

Our unhurried, play-based program focuses on supporting your child's social-emotional learning. The goals of our program at MTT Davisville are to assist children in achieving and developing academic readiness, age appropriate social skills, self-help skills, and creativity that will help them as they enter the Canadian education system. This is a PART TIME drop-off program that will encourage children to develop independence and confidence to make the transition into school as smooth as possible.  The children will also gain and develop the ability to take direction from an adult other than a parent in preparation for school.


Our half day classes are offered from





Our class sizes are kept small. Benefits to small class sizes include:

  • Increased student participation and engagement

  • Improved mastery of basic skills 

  • Increased student achievement

  • Effective teaching methods

  • Improved classroom environment

  • More inclusive environment

  • Better student and teacher morale

  • Psychological sense of community

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