MTT Daycare (Ages 6 mths-4yrs)

The Tiny Tots program focuses on all aspects of growth, including language, self help skills, socialization and motor development.

Our special emphasis on music, art and language ranges from early identification of familiar objects, pictures and body parts, enjoying nursery rhymes and finger plays, responding to simple questions and naming familiar sounds, to using 2-3 word sentences and understanding spatial relations and making comparisons.

Developing self-help skills and independence prepares each child for successful transition into kindergarten.

Enhancing motor skills, through large and small muscle activities, encourages and improves eye-hand co-ordination, balance and the development of spatial relations.

We offer: 
• An educational, stimulating and loving environment
• Healthy meals and snacks throughout the day 
• Structured activities geared toward developing social skills and learning
• Excellent cost effective alternative to nanny care


Contact for information on how to register.